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Reading: Bibliometric phenomenon of Tamil Publications in Sri Lanka in 2005


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Bibliometric phenomenon of Tamil Publications in Sri Lanka in 2005


R Maheshwaran

Senior Asst. Librarian, University of Peradeniya, LK
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Bibliometric analyses have been carried out in various fields. There has been no Bibliometric Study done on Tamil literature. This study evaluates the usefulness of bibilometric application for the analysis of Sri Lankan Tamil Publications in the year 2005 only. This paper discusses the necessity of preparing a detailed bibliometric analysis of Sri Lankan Publications or analysis of same nature and prepares comprehensive complete bibliographical accounts of Sri Lankan Tamil Publications. It tries to provide an account on authors, publishers, geographical area of publishers and editor in Tamil literary field. This study also evaluates the length, size, price and pagination of published Tamil publications in Sri Lanka. This study will urge the Tamils scholars and researchers or Post graduate students to start analyse of Bibliometric study on Tamil literature in Sri Lanka.

A total number of 65 authors have produced 77 Tamil publications which have been taken for this analysis. Out of 91 publications, 15% are edited publications. Most of the publications 40% is published in Colombo and the Traditional Tamil cities - Jaffna and Batticalo contributed 11% and 9% to the publishing field respectively. Most of the Muslim origin publications were published in the Eastern Provincial Region amounting to 15% and the Upcountry area contributed to the Tamil Publication with 16%. 15% of the publications are brought about by the authors. Only 08% publications were published by departmental or government funds. Two private publishers published 04% of the publications each. Out of 91 publications printed in year 2005, 6% were published in length size of 21 cm and 29% in 22 cm. There are 14 editors in 2005 and all editors edited only one publication each. 40 of publication in Tamil literature 18 % in religious and 10 in social science.

Key words: Bibliometric Analysis, Tamil Publications, Geographical Area, Publishers, Authors  

doi: 10.4038/jula.v11i0.321 Journal of the University Librarians Association of Sri Lanka (Vol. 11) 2007 p.2-36
How to Cite: Maheshwaran, R., 2007. Bibliometric phenomenon of Tamil Publications in Sri Lanka in 2005. Journal of the University Librarians Association of Sri Lanka, 11, pp.2–36. DOI:
Published on 10 Dec 2007.
Peer Reviewed


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